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Skill 5, Level 2: the bank transfer

We propose a situation that you may encounter as a home helper: making a purchase for the beneficiary.

Mr. James Stuart’s son is asking you to make a purchase for his father.
Read the note he left you.

Hi, I realise my dad’s out of lancets for his glucometer. Could you buy him some new ones at the following site:
Thank you!

After some research on the site, here’s what you found:
– Meditsanat MediTouch Sterile Lancets 100 Pieces – 12,14 €
– Chek Safe-T-Pro Uno Sterile Lancets 200 Pieces – 20,45 €
– Softclix XL Sterile Lancets 50 Pieces – 5,98 €

Compare your search results with the note left by the recipient’s son.
You are missing important information to complete the purchase. What is it?