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Count and enumerate items – Level 1

YOUR mission :

“You are in contact with one of your beneficiaries, Mr Michel Louis (born on 19/06/1943), who has just been discharged from hospital after being hospitalised for several weeks due to a car accident. You want to review with him to organise the coming week. One of your priorities is to make sure that he has at home all the medicines needed for his current treatment as well as the basic medicines of a family pharmacy. You will also have to estimate the budget needed for the coming week to cover the services of the various stakeholders as well as the purchase of drugs. (These services and purchases will be specified below.)”

Here is the list of expenses to be expected:

  • The doctor visits the home twice a week. Each visit is charged at €32.00
  • Louis received a prescription for 15 physiotherapy sessions. The total cost to be expected for physiotherapy is 720 euros for the 15 sessions but the gentleman must pay for his sessions each week.

The physiotherapist suggested that he do 3 sessions a week.

  • At the hospital, he was told that the examination he had to do during the week would cost him 80.00€ but that he could be reimbursed 20% by his insurance later.
  • For the treatment of the gentleman, the hospital prescribed him:
  • painkillers
  • anti-inflammatory drugs
  • a contrast liquid to drink before the examination (to be purchased in advance at the pharmacy)
  • 1 box of antibiotics
  • 3 boxes of 20 sterile compresses of 6 cm x 6 cm.
  • He also needs (at the request of his attending physician):
      • 6 ampules of vitamin D;
      • 1 box of calcium
      • probiotics


Download the mission in PDF: C3_P1_your mission_PDF