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Calculate durations and convert time units


For proper management of your time and that of your beneficiaries, once your schedule is filled, it is important to make sure that you are able to:

  • calculate the duration of an activity if you know when it starts and when it ends;
  • to calculate the end time of an activity if you know the time it starts and its duration;
  • to know what time to start a task if you know its duration and the time at which it should end;
  • add up durations (given in minutes) and then turn a large number of minutes into hours.


Before moving on to the exercises, we invite you, if you wish, to do a short review to remind you of the important points to correctly complete the performance monitoring tables.


You will have at your disposal documents that you already know because you have consulted them before: your schedule for the week from October 8 to 14, as well as the various appointments Mr. Louis has to manage in addition to your other activities.

C3_P2_3.5 schedule from 08 to 14 october

C3_P2_3.6 week schedule Mr. Louis full