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Thematical path #3: Managing travel

This itinerary is centred on learning: reading the city map.

Read a plan and extract useful information from it Level 2


In your profession, you will have to travel (from one beneficiary to another), take the beneficiary to a doctor, for example, or help him/her to travel independently.

Today, many digital tools exist to assist you in these travels: GPS, Google Maps (on your computer or smartphone), and other applications (Waze, Sygic, etc.).

But you may need to use a paper map or plan at some point.

This route is built around 4 learning sessions to properly use a city map:

  • Understand the organisation of a city plan
  • Locate a place or 1 street on a city map
  • Follow a given itinerary
  • Define a route

To work towards these objectives, we suggest that you put yourself in the shoes of a home helper and to take care of a beneficiary.


Your mission :

“One of your beneficiaries, Mr. Michel Louis, has just been discharged from hospital following a hospitalisation of several weeks due to a car accident.

One of the missions entrusted to you during the week is to accompany Mr. Louis for a medical examination that he must perform at the hospital.

You must also go to the pharmacy to buy the drugs prescribed for him. »



If you want, you can watch a video that explains how to read a city map.