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Thematic path #4 – Handling quantities, measurements


Presentation of THE OBJECTIVES

In this course, different objectives are proposed to you.

They are at different levels of difficulty.


In this course, you have the opportunity to learn to:

Correctly combine instruments and units of measurement Level 2
Understand and apply a proportional quantity: making a dosage Level 2
Convert measurements Level 3
Realise a simple proportional calculation Level 3
Understand and use tables and graphs Level 3


We invite you to follow the route in the order proposed below.

We have grouped the courses and exercises on measurements, then those on proportions and finally the course and exercises on tables and graphs.


Your mission:

In your job as a home helper, you regularly have to use measurements, process quantities or make dosages.

This involves, for example, calculating the quantity of cleaning product to be diluted in a quantity of water, balancing the different foods making up a meal, adapting the quantities of a recipe to suit the number of people, etc.

You will therefore practice these manipulations.