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Thematic path 2 – Managing time


Presentation of the learning process of the course

In this course, different objectives are proposed to you.

They are at different levels of difficulty.


In this course, you have the possibility to learn to:

Count and count occurrences of information Level 1
Read and understand the data, whether numerical or not, of a schedule Level 1
Use a few units of time and read the time Level 2
Fill in timetables correctly Level 2
Calculate durations and convert time units Level 3
Fill in and understand tracking tables Level 3


We invite you to follow the tour in the order proposed to you below …
To work on these objectives, we propose to put you in the shoes of a home helper and to take charge of a beneficiary.





You resume contact with one of your beneficiaries, Mr Michel Louis (born on 06.19.1943), who has just been discharged from hospital following several weeks’ hospitalisation due to a car accident.

You want to check in with him to organize the coming week. Indeed, in addition to your usual services with this beneficiary, you will also have to manage his various appointments as part of the follow-up of his rehabilitation.

You will help Mr. Louis to organise his week.


Download your mission in PDF: C3_P2_your mission_PDF